During Cibus 2016, the International Food Exhibition taking place in Parma from 9th to 12th May, Le 5 Stagioni by Agugiaro&Figna will present its brand new limited edition product, which is the result of innovation and tradition, as well as of a careful quest in every corner of Italy and of an accurate selection process to spot the best quality ever.

Grani Antichi is a special limited edition flour that is rooted in the past since it enshrines in itself all the flavours and aromas that have been rediscovered thanks to a careful process of research and selection, highly wanted by Agugiaro&Figna. A special type 2 flour, stone milled and coarse looking, is an innovative and highly digestible product that confirms the interest in the wholesomeness of the products signed by Agugiaro&Figna.

Le 5 Stagioni by Agugiaro & Figna is the leading brand of flours and mixes for pizzerias, and it is the most comprehensive and well-known range in the world with more than 20 types of products available in all continents as symbols of Italian origin and quality. Several qualities contribute to making Le 5 Stagioni market leader and pride of the pizza chefs who consider it to be the emblem of quality for their pizzerias and restaurants. Le 5 Stagioni does not limit itself to signing its products; it is also committed to providing the skills and the know-how acquired over time thanks to the organisation of courses for pizza chefs in Italy and abroad with the help of highly specialised teams. The brand also collaborates with the best pizza schools worldwide, and it is the sponsors of the main pizza contests and specialized magazines worldwide.

The evolution of the brand is constantly moving: the research of the Group, aimed at achieving excellence in every aspect, is carried out thanks to a Research and Development Centre that is always attuned to new requests and trends. The company guarantees quality based on specific and frequent checks along the production flow, a careful purchasing campaign of grains and a very accurate selection of their blends that enables the company to deal with variations due to harvests and seasons. Round, thin, by the slice, crunchy or soft: every type of pizza is a success if made with Le 5 Stagioni by Agugiaro & Figna, the symbol of Italian quality.

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