Pizza Napoletana Rossa / Red

“00” type flour with a high protein content able to maintain the gluten structure over a long time. Structured and resistant, it is used to make Neapolitan long maturation dough. It is balanced to favour dough elasticity over strenght.

physical/chemical properties

  • Umidità/Moisture: max 15,5 %
  • Proteine/Proteins: min 13 % (s.s.)
  • Ceneri/Ashes: max 0,55 % (s.s.)

rheological properties

Farinografo Brabender/Brabender Farinograph:
Assorbimento min/Absorption min 57 %
Stabilità min/Stability min 13’

avaible packaging

  • 25 kg white-red bag for “Neapolitan Pizza”
  • 10 kg white-red bag for “Neapolitan Pizza”


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