Soft wheat flour type “00” with a high protein content suitable for all direct and indirect doughs with long maturation times where excellent elasticity is required. It is also recommended for doughs with leavening at controlled temperature (refrigerator).

physical/chemical properties

  • Moisture: max 15,5 %
  • Proteins: min 14 % (s.s.)
  • Ashes: type 00 max 0,55 (s.s.)

rheological properties

  • Alveografo Chopin/Chopin Alveograph: W 390 - Tolleranza/Tollerance: -10/+30 P/L 0,60 - Tolleranza/Tollerance: +-0,10
  • Farinografo Brabender/Brabender Farinograph: Assorbimento min/Absorption min 60 % Stabilità min/Stability min 17’
  • Amilografo Brabender/Brabender Amylograph: Amilogramma/Amylogram 800/1200 u.a.

avaible packaging

  • 25 kg white-red bag.
  • 10 kg white-red bag.


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